3 Questions to Ask Before Your Mommy Makeover

Mother holding young daughterIt’s always good to be prepared. And if you want to rejuvenate your figure after pregnancy, it’s also good to know what to expect from your mommy makeover. If you’re ready to feel well-informed and confident in your decision, then start by reading the answers to these common questions.

1.  When Can I Schedule This Surgery After Giving Birth?

It can be tempting to book your mommy makeover as soon as possible. After all, you may be eager to undo all the unwanted changes to your body that were caused by having children. However, it’s best to take it slow and avoid rushing the important postpartum recovery process.

You should generally wait at least six months after giving birth or finishing breastfeeding to get a mommy makeover. During that time, your body is still healing and reaching its new baseline.

2. Do I Need to Lose Weight Before a Mommy Makeover?

Cosmetic surgery is the safest and offers the best results for people who are at a healthy weight. If you aren’t at or near your ideal body weight, you may need to lose a few pounds. 

Keep in mind that a mommy makeover is not a weight loss procedure. You may see the scale go down after surgery. However, it’s only meant to tighten and tone your figure post-pregnancy.

3. Can I Make Payments on My Procedures?

Mommy makeover surgery is usually considered cosmetic and elective. That means insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of the breast and body rejuvenation procedures that interest you. 

The good news is that it’s possible to make monthly payments on mommy makeover surgery. Our practice recommends using CareCredit®. You can learn more on our financing page.

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