4 Unique Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

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Long been a patient favorite—at Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, the tummy tuck is one of our most popular surgical procedures. For men and women alike, the midsection can be a troublesome area. Regularly holding unwanted fat, due to a number of factors like age, weight fluctuation, and pregnancy, often, the stomach area can also begin to annoyingly sag.

Here, we explore 4 unique benefits of a tummy tuck that are not commonly considered:

Removes Loose Skin

No longer as pliable as in our youth, our skin loses its natural ability to seemingly “spring back”. Thus, once the skin stretches, it is unlikely to return to its original, tight form. For many, the resulting extra and sagging skin hangs uncomfortably. While a healthy lifestyle is always encouraged, surgical excision is the only way to permanently rid the body of the excess skin. During your tummy tuck, Dr. Castor carefully trims away any excess skin before re-draping and pulling the skin taut. Offering significant and immediate results, you are left with a youthfully flat midsection.

Improves a Belly “Pooch”

Unbeknownst to many, abdominal muscles become weakened over time—distended, the muscles often stretch and separate. No longer tight against the abdominal wall, they can cause the belly to unattractively “pooch” out. Dr. Castor is able to surgically tighten the muscles as well as bring them together. In turn, allowing the abdominals to lie flat and have a more toned appearance.

Another benefit! Many individuals do not recognize that a weakened core is the source of their back pain. With improved support, many are relieved from the daily discomfort they have long suffered with. Similarly, the now tightened muscles make for better posture.

Eliminates Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are actually breaks deep within the skin. While they may fade over time, they never completely disappear. A tummy tuck proves to be one of the few ways to permanently rid your stomach of these pesky streaks. How? You ask. Along with the excess skin, the majority of stretch marks are also removed.

Corrects a Misshapen Belly Button

Not particularly glamourous, we do not often discuss the state of our belly button. For many, weight fluctuation along with pregnancy can distort the belly button. As he performs your tummy tuck, Dr. Castor is able restore your belly button to both a more aesthetically pleasing shape and position.

Learn More About the Many Benefits of a Tummy Tuck with Dr. Castor

Like many of our procedures, a tummy tuck is highly beneficial in numerous ways. To learn more, please schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Castor to discuss your options and how a tummy tuck can best benefit you.

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