5 Tips for a Breezy Breast Lift Recovery

Woman recovering from breast lift surgery in Tampa BayWhile breast lift recovery is a relatively straightforward process, it’s still something you’ll want to research ahead of time. That’s because what you do after your procedure can affect your experience and results. Here are five tips for avoiding post-surgery snags and making your downtime more manageable.

  1. Take it easy — but not too easy: Rest is important in the early stages of healing. It isn’t the time to push yourself or rush back into your normal routine. However, you also shouldn’t lie in bed without moving. To minimize swelling and prevent blood clots, you’ll need to walk around for 10 minutes every two hours.
  2. Keep your head elevated: Staying upright after surgery is a crucial part of reducing bruising and swelling. Rather than sleeping flat on your back, prop yourself up with a few pillows or settle into a reclining chair. Remember not to bend over or lean forward.

  3. Know what’s normal: After surgery, anything out of the ordinary can seem like a complication. However, most post-surgical experiences are normal and temporary, including tingling, itchiness, asymmetry, and stiffness in treated areas. Consult your post-op instructions to learn more.
  4. Use a cool compress: You can apply a cool compress to your chest in 20-minute intervals to alleviate discomfort. Do not apply ice or anything frozen directly to your skin. Instead, use a towel as a barrier to protect the treated area.
  5. Watch what you eat and drink: It’s crucial to stay hydrated after your procedure. Reach for smart options like water, milk, and fruit juice. Your food choices also matter. Stick with bland, soft, and nutritious picks for the first 24 hours. After that, you should keep eating healthy meals to support the healing process.

Get Personalized Post-Op Advice During a Free Consultation

Some breast lift recovery recommendations may be unique to your situation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stan Castor will let you know what to expect based on your job, surgical plan, and other personal factors.

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