5 Tips for a Safe and Successful Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL patient in Tampa BayThe Brazilian Butt Lift is the fastest-growing plastic surgery procedure in America. You’ll be glad to know that improved surgical techniques have made this curve-enhancing favorite safer than ever before, according to a new survey published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Here are a few tips to further ensure a smooth experience and great results:

  • Pick the right surgeon: Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stan Castor has helped many patients achieve rounder, higher, and fuller backsides without implants. He understands the techniques necessary for safe gluteal fat augmentation. What’s more, he operates out of an accredited office surgical suite for optimal patient safety and comfort.
  • Keep your expectations realistic: Most surgeons will turn away BBL patients if they want to add an excessive amount of fat to their buttocks. That’s because there’s a limit to how much fat can be transferred safely. You can view our before and after gallery of Brazilian butt lift patients to get an idea of the results you may be able to achieve.
  • Prioritize your proportions: Obtaining an hourglass figure might not be as simple as getting a BBL. You also have to look at your hips, lower back, thighs, and other areas of your body. Sometimes the key to creating a great result is to take out more fat from certain parts of the body while re-injecting a bit less. This approach can help bring everything into balance.
  • Support a problem-free recovery: There are several things you can do to minimize post-surgical complications. Our team will provide you with a complete pre-op guide. Generally speaking, the number one thing you’ll want to avoid is nicotine. It gets in the way of healing and can negatively impact your results.
  • Follow the post-op protocols: Our post-op instructions are designed to keep you safe and comfortable during your recovery. Follow them to the letter and reach out if you have any questions. For example, you will be advised to stay off your bottom for at least a week and wear compression garments. 

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