Why do Dr. Castor’s Patients Choose to Have Liposuction During the Winter?

Being in sunny Florida, we aren’t privy to traditional winter weather. While the weather here in Tampa remains pretty mild, we do not tend to visit the beach quite as often as we do come the summer months. This provides our patients at Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Laser Center’s with a unique opportunity to ready their bodies for the summer ahead with the help of Dr. Castor and liposuction.

Problem Areas are More Noticeable

Did you know that it is natural for your body to store more fat during the wintertime? Many men and women find that they are at their heaviest and that their problem areas are also more noticeable. While the extra weight is discouraging, it actually makes it easier for Dr. Castor to see where your fat naturally accumulates and enables him to create the most effective treatment plan possible.

It Is Easier to Stay Out of the Sun

In the upcoming months, we will see the sun the less than at any other time of the year and it is likely that you will spend the majority of your time indoors and out of the sun’s harmful UV rays. As with any other cosmetic procedure, it is necessary to avoid prolonged sun exposure after liposuction.

While Dr. Castor’s high level of skill enables him to perform liposuction through a small incision, there is an incision none-the-less. It is important to remember that any size incision is sun-sensitive and that exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can prolong and damage a complete and successful healing process.

The Big Reveal

Patients find that it usually takes their body around three weeks to recover after minimally invasive fat removal. During the recovery period, it is common to experience swelling and some sensitivity. We also ask our patients to wear compression garments during that time. It is much easier, not to mention more comfortable, to heal during the colder months when you are able to more easily wear layers that conceal any post-surgical side effects. Come summer, you can surprise everyone as you take off your layers and show off your new physique.

Enjoy the Benefits of Having Liposuction During the Cooler Months

Dr. Castor’s patients are smart to plan ahead and undergo liposuction before the sunny season hits once again. Winter is a busy time of the year for Dr. Castor—make sure to schedule your liposuction consultation soon!

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