How to Pick the Right Breast Implant Size

woman in silver bra against a white backgroundChoosing the perfect breast implant size doesn’t have to be difficult. It comes down to understanding your options and seeing how they will look on your unique body type. Here are some tips from our board-certified plastic surgeon, who regularly performs breast augmentations in Tampa, Florida. He has helped many patients find their perfect match and can do the same for you. The goal is for you to feel confident in your decision — and love your results!

Stop Thinking About Cup Size

Knowing your cup size can be useful when shopping for bras. However, it isn’t a very accurate measurement of the size of your breasts. Have you ever noticed your cup size change between brands? That’s why implants aren’t sold by cup size. Instead, they’re quantified by volume.

Breast implant size is measured in units called cubic centimeters or cc. The smallest implants start around 125cc, and the largest are upwards of 800cc. Many women end up choosing something in the 150cc to 650cc range. It’s a good idea to keep these numbers in mind.

Visualize Your Results with Breast Implant Sizers

Breast implant sizers can help you figure out how different implants will look under your clothes. You stick them into your bra to determine if they are too small, too big, or just right. Some women make DIY implant sizers at home by filling pantyhose with specific amounts of dry rice. 

For a more accurate measurement, consider using professional breast sizers made of silicone. You don’t need to worry about tracking them down online or buying the wrong ones. Instead, visit a plastic surgeon like Dr. Stan Castor, who uses these bra inserts during consultations. Unfortunately, not every provider you visit will carry them, which is a shame because they are very helpful.

Book a Breast Augmentation Consultation in Tampa

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stan Castor has worked with countless breast augmentation patients to select implants that work for their goals and create the results of their dreams. He will gladly take the time to walk you through all the different implant options during a consultation.

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