What You Need to Know About Sculptra® Aesthetic

Castor, Sculptra - ImageWhile non-surgical facial rejuvenation has changed the face of plastic surgery—few injectable treatments boast the lasting effects that Sculptra Aesthetic does! The age-defying effects of Botox® and dermal fillers are undeniable, but they are also temporary. Getting your skin to look good for a few months isn’t difficult, what’s difficult is making sure your skin continues to look youthful in the years to come. Sculptra was created with just this in mind: lasting facial rejuvenation.

Gradual Results that Last

Sculptra Is different from other dermal fillers in that it works by stimulating your skin’s own collagen production. It is good knowing going into your treatment with Dr. Castor that results seen with Sculptra are gradual as your skin’s structure continues to rebuild and improve. While Sculptra may not have the dramatic immediate results of other fillers, it does last far longer than most other injectable treatments.

Short Treatments with a Lasting Impact

When performed as a series, Sculptra lasts at least two years! Dr. Castor will see you a handful of times—for most men and women between 1 and 3 treatments spread 8-12 weeks apart yields optimal results. While this may say seem like a lot at first, remember that other fillers require touch-ups every six months. Over two years, Sculptra requires the same—and often even less— number of treatments.

A Subtle Lift

Sculptra is placed deeper within the skin than most other fillers. Whereas other fillers are wonderful for smoothing superficial lines and wrinkles, Sculptra works within the skin to provide optimal volume correction. By restoring a youthful fullness, Sculptra not only helps with lax, sagging skin, but it is able to give your facial features an overall restorative lift

With the help of Sculptra Aesthetic, Dr. Castor can restore your skin’s youth here at Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. Enjoy the benefits of lasting rejuvenation by scheduling your consultation at either our Tampa or New Tampa practice today!

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