Chris Chisholm

Chris Chisholm says:
January 17, 2011 at 10:47 am
After losing 125 lbs I found myself with the problem of having a lot of extra skin on my stomach. The problem was both horizontal and vertical. After consulting with Dr. Castor, I decided to have an Abdominoplasty / Hip Liposuction procedure done. Dr. Castor was extremely helpful in walking me through the process and explaining the procedure in great detail, making me feel very comfortable. His bedside manner is only outdone by his surgical skills. I was more self conscious about the extra skin than I was being fat and Dr Castor understood my emotional pain. He was able to give me my self confidence back and his work is nothing short of perfection.*

Dr. Castor, I owe you more than I can possibly say!!!

Thanks for everything,

Chris Chisholm

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