Taty says:
November 14, 2011 at 11:15 pm
Was a bit nervous the day before. was not nervous on the day, i just wanted to get over and done! Been waiting for quite a few months as I live in the UK.
My Dr. is the best, I was a bit nervous but when I saw him in the consultation room days before my date, he was so chilled that inspires such confidence.
Right, on the day took the relaxer and pain pill, during the Vaser I was awake and could see what Doc was doing. could hear the sucking with the vaser. Dont remember getting dressed and neither the car journey home with my sister. I absolute rate Vaser as a YES YES and especially with the Doc I chose. I will be having a tummny tuck after 2nd child with my Doc. I did it bc i have saggy skin from 1st child and hangs over c section scar. I have uneven skin tone and not much elasticity and strech marks so chose the Vaser until 2nd child comes. I have been exercising for a year now and since the tummy area still bad and only area of body that annoys me, i ve vasered it! I do 10km runs and sprint triathlons and the belly does get on the way and doesnt look as good as the rest of my body. im 5’4 and 155lbs so not that overweight.
The only con is that at few times i could feel the canula, but barely and bareable.
The pros is that u are awake and knows what is going on. and today i went to the gym, it is the 3rd day. i also was lifting my son in and out of bath on the 2nd day post surgery and didnt need pain killers from then on. life goes back to normal asap with Vaser.
Doc was always very chilled the times I saw him. His offices are gorgeous. His staff were excellent emailing back and forth and phone calls with me when I was back in the UK prior to my date. Doc took his time on my consultations, I never felt rushed.*

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