How Do You Fix Tubular Breasts?

sexy young woman model in sexy dressBreasts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. No one else has breasts that look exactly like yours, and that’s completely normal. However, if you’d like to change the appearance of your tubular breasts, know that safe and effective cosmetic breast surgeries are available.

What are Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts, also known as tuberous breasts or breast hypoplasia, are often the result of insufficient breast tissue development during puberty. The tissue that links the areola to the rest of the breast is misshapen. These factors combine to create an irregular breast appearance. 

You can identify tuberous breasts by a few distinct features, such as:

  • An oval, pointed, conical, or square breast shape
  • A droopy or saggy breast appearance 
  • A lack of horizontal and vertical breast tissue
  • A wide breast gap 
  • Puffy, bulging, or constricted nipples
  • Breast asymmetry 

Tuberous Breast Correction Surgeries 

This condition doesn’t pose any health threats. Yet some women with tuberous breasts want to have corrective surgery to feel happier and more confident about their breast appearance. If this sounds like your situation, you may benefit from breast augmentation with implants to achieve a rounder shape. In addition, a breast lift may be recommended to elevate your breast contour.

This surgical duo is a great option for many women. You can view before and after photos of a combination breast augmentation and breast lift procedure for tuberous breasts in our gallery.

Are There Any Alternatives to Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is currently the only treatment for tubular breasts. For many women, it is a great alternative to wearing heavily padded bras, bra inserts, baggy t-shirts and the like.

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