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Whether your goal is to reshape a specific feature or turn back the hands of time, Dr. Castor can help you achieve the natural-looking results you desire. Find out what procedure is right for you by scheduling a complimentary consultation at (813) 971-2000. Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery and Laser Center serves Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas of Florida.

Explore Our Facial Plastic Surgery Services

The goal of facial plastic surgery is to make you look like the best version of yourself, not someone else. Dr. Castor offers the following procedures to enhance and refresh your appearance:

  • Brow lift: Is a sagging forehead or drooping brow leaving you with an aged and exhausted appearance? A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is an excellent option to address these concerns for a younger, smoother look.
  • Chin surgery: Do you feel like your chin is throwing off your facial harmony? Chin enhancement can improve the balance between all of your facial features.
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  • Ear surgery: If your ears stand out prominently from the side of your head, ear surgery can help. Also known as otoplasty, ear surgery is usually performed to reposition the ears closer to the head or reduce their size. This procedure is appropriate for children and adults.
  • Eyelid surgery: Drooping eyelids and puffiness around the eyes could cause you to look much older than you are. These signs of aging can also leave you with a tired or upset appearance. Upper and lower eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is often a great solution.
  • Nose surgery: Also known as rhinoplasty, nose surgery can enhance your facial balance by improving the proportions of your nose. This procedure can address concerns related to your nose size, width, profile, and more.
  • Facelift: A facelift can significantly improve visible signs of aging in the mid to lower face, jawline, and neck. Consider this surgery if you want to correct jowls, sagging skin, wrinkles, and similar issues.

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Is Facial Plastic Surgery Right For You?

Facial plastic surgery is often a great option for men and women who want to improve a particular feature or look younger. Facial procedures are well-known for accomplishing a significant, long-lasting change.

You may consider facial surgery if you want to address concerns such as:

  • Sagging, loose skin
  • Jowls
  • Drooping, tired-looking eye area
  • Wrinkles, lines, and folds
  • Undesirable nose size, projection, or shape
  • Prominent ears
  • Recessed or prominent chin

Dr. Castor will help you find the ideal aesthetic solution for your unique situation. He will only recommend services that he believes can achieve your goals. For some patients, a nonsurgical service may be more appropriate.

Why Chose Artisan Aesthetics?

By choosing Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery and Laser Center for your facial procedure, you’re making a commitment to yourself. You’re committing to safety, care, and results that surpass your expectations.

Dr. Castor is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 15 years of experience. Unlike most surgeons in the Tampa Bay area, Dr. Castor will perform your procedure in an exclusive, onsite state-accredited office surgical suite to improve your comfort and safety. On top of that, his friendly team will treat you like family on every step of your cosmetic journey.

Learn More About Facial Plastic Surgery In Tampa Bay

Please call (813) 971-2000 today to arrange your complimentary facial plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Castor. Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery and Laser Center serves patients in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

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