Signs That Breast Augmentation Is Right for You

Breast augmentation patient Tampa BayWomen get breast augmentation for many different reasons. Some want to enhance their natural breast shape and size, while others would like to achieve a more symmetrical look. Here are some of the most common reasons why you may consider this cosmetic breast procedure:

  • You believe that your breasts are too small for your body or look disproportionate. 
  • You don’t feel confident wearing swimsuits, low-cut dresses, or form-fitting tops.
  • You have trouble finding clothes that fit your hips without being too big at your bust.
  • Your breasts lost some of their natural fullness or firmness after you had children. 
  • Your breasts have become smaller than you prefer due to weight loss or fitness efforts.
  • Your chest is asymmetrical because one of your breasts is a different size than the other.
  • You want more volume in the top portion of your breasts without wearing a push-up bra.
  • You would like a long-term solution for enhancing the appearance of your breasts.

These are the top motivations that may lead you to pursue breast augmentation. However, they are not the only factors that drive women to get this surgery to enhance or restore their figures. 

You can focus on what is unique to you during a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon. He will help you determine if breast augmentation can achieve your individual goals.

It is sometimes necessary to consider alternative or additional procedures. For example, you may want to enhance your breast size and achieve a more youthful breast position. In that case, you would likely benefit from pairing your augmentation with a breast lift. A breast lift can correct sagging and drooping breasts, nipples that point down, enlarged areolas, and other concerns.

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