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New Tampa Office, 5383 Primrose Lake Circle, Suite A Tampa, FL 33647, Telephone (813) 971-2000

Choosing to have plastic surgery or any other aesthetic procedure is a very personal decision. At Artisan Aesthetics, located in New Tampa (Tampa Bay area) we make that decision easier by providing the ultimate experience in human artistry. We value that every client desires to achieve their full aesthetic potential, and our goal as your Plastic Surgery and Laser Center partner is to identify these goals and address your expectations.

What makes Dr. Castor and Artisan Aesthetics stand out amongst other plastic surgeons and private practices is Dr. Castor’s office surgical suite. The office operating room opened in 2013 and uses IV sedation and general anesthesia. Dr. Castor prefers to perform surgery in his own facility for many reasons:

  • Costs for him, and therefore for you are lower. Costs in hospitals have risen astronomically in recent years. The costs in outpatient private surgery centers are also higher. These centers are for profit and charge higher fees for supplies, staff and support personnel than we find necessary and customary in our office. In simple terms, doing surgery in Dr. Castor’s office cuts out the middleman.
  • The staff involved in your care (nurses, surgical assistants, and nurse anesthetist) are the same, experienced people that Dr. Castor works with every day. Each member of the team will have great understanding of the procedure and Dr. Castor’s routine method and sequence of the procedure.
  • Every person you come in contact with before, during, and after your procedure is an employee of Dr. Castor’s. This ensures you will be treated with the upmost respect and care. This is sometimes not the case at hospitals where nurses and other team members can seem aggravated at having to care for a patient who is “not sick.” Many of Dr. Castor’s staff have had plastic surgery and therefore understand and are empathetic to what you are going through.
  • The instruments used for your procedure will be in excellent condition because Dr. Castor picks them himself. You are not having instruments used on you which may have been used in orthopedic or gynecologic surgery yesterday such as in a hospital or surgery center. Most of our equipment is new and is maintained under strict sterilization techniques which go beyond the required health department regulations.
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Office surgery provides patients with a more convenient and comfortable way to receive the surgery they desire. Every elective plastic surgery procedure from a facelift to liposuction and breast augmentation can be done in the office surgical suite with great improvements in efficiency, safety, and time. The patient’s time is one of the most important things. Having your surgery done at the office ensures your surgery will not be “bumped” because a serious injury has preempted the operating rooms (like in a hospital). Surgeries being done at the hospital can also be delayed by a previous case that took longer than anticipated, personal problems of the hospital, or the facility not being properly staffed.

Our office surgery suite undergoes a rigorous, yearly inspection by a trained inspector for the state of Florida. At this inspection, our sterilizers, patient monitors, anesthesia machine, crash cart equipment and medications are examined to make sure we meet the state standards. Dr. Castor is pleased that the office surgery suite has passed inspection with no deficiencies for 3 years since opening. At our office-based plastic surgery center, there are no other priorities. Dr. Castor and his staff are very proud of their office surgical suite and hope you will be too.

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We will be out of the office Friday August 25 & Monday August 28 for our annual staff retreat! We will be back in office at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday August 29. If you need to reach our office please call the office at 813-971-2000 to be directed to our on call service.

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