Top Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift

Breast Lift As you age, your breast can lose their shape and start to sag. This is due to the changes in the skin’s elasticity caused by aging, pregnancy, and other factors. A breast lift is a type of procedure that can help address these changes by lifting your breasts and bringing them to a more elevated and youthful position. A breast lift can also raise the position of your nipples and change the size of the areolae. Here is what you should know.

When You Should Consider a Breast Lift

If you are considering having a baby in the future, you should wait to have this procedure, as the stretching during pregnancy will offset the results of your breast lift. Once you are done having children, you might consider a breast lift if:

  • Your breasts have lost shape and volume
  • Your breasts are longer and flatter
  • Your nipples are below the breast creases when your breasts do not have support
  • One breast falls lower than the other breast
  • Your areolae are stretched out of proportion
  • Your areolae and nipples point downward

Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift

Once your weight has stabilized and you have no plans for additional children, a breast lift can correct sagging breasts due to those issues. The benefits of having a breast lift include:

  • Your breasts appear firmer and have new support.
  • Reshaping the breasts improves nipple projection, which gives your breasts a more natural look.
  • A breast lift gives you a more supple and attractive breast shape.
  • Even if you are younger, pregnancy or weight loss can cause breast sagging. Your breasts will look more youthful after a breast lift.
  • A breast lift can remove excess skin that might be causing the area under your breasts to chafe.

If you are interested in seeing if a breast lift is right for you, contact our professionals at Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery.

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