What Happens if You Stop Getting BOTOX®?

Chances are you know what to expect when you come in for a BOTOX® Cosmetic appointment. Frown lines will fade, forehead creases will soften, and lip wrinkles will become less noticeable.

However, there may come a time in your life — like during pregnancy or breastfeeding — when you need to take a break from BOTOX®. You may even decide that you’re done with the treatment for good. What happens then?

The Importance of BOTOX® Cosmetic Maintenance Treatments

First of all, it’s important to understand how BOTOX® works. It prevents the underlying muscle movement that causes lines and wrinkles.

Because this effect is temporary, maintenance treatments are necessary to enjoy long-term results. Patients usually get the most out of BOTOX® if they are injected three to four times a year.

If you stop booking your regular BOTOX® appointments, you’ll find that your old lines will slowly reappear. You can also expect new lines and wrinkles to form that may have otherwise been prevented.

Will I Look Older if I Stop Using BOTOX®?

Patients often worry that their face will age dramatically when they stop using BOTOX®. That simply isn’t true. Many people who stop using BOTOX® still look younger than if they had never touched the injectable at all. It has a preventative effect that can go a long way after years of faithful appointments.

In the absence of regular BOTOX® injections, you may find yourself missing the smooth and youthful look that you enjoyed before. If that happens, you can always choose to resume the treatment!

Facial plastic surgery is another good way to address visible aging. It can make sense for busy patients who want long-lasting results without the need to visit our practice several times a year. Surgery is also ideal for those who can no longer achieve the results they desire through non-surgical means.

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