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Although the sun shines nearly year round here in Tampa, there is something about the long summer days that have even us Floridians flocking to the beach. As we shed what little layers we wear, it is only natural that we each want to look our best. For many men and women, this may include banishing bulges that now plague their figure.

With an array of benefits, VASER LipoSelection can have you looking beach ready.

A Versatile Solution to Stubborn Pockets of Fat

Whereas women tend to hold weight in their hips and thighs—for men, weight is more often held around their abdominals. A versatile treatment, VASER LipoSelection is able to address both problem areas as well as:

  • Midsection: Abs, Hips, and Love Handles
  • Legs: Thighs, Knees, Calves, and Ankles
  • Jowls, Chin, and Neck
  • Back and Buttocks
  • Arms and “Bra” Bulge

A Precise Treatment that Gives You the Results You Want

VASER LipoSelection allows Dr. Castor to precisely target tough-to-treat areas that are not easily reached using other methods of fat removal. With a high degree of control, VASER LipoSelection goes beyond fat removal—making it possible for Dr. Castor to reshape and sculpt one’s figure.

With a Quick Recovery, You Will Be Right Back at the Beach

Minimally invasive, VASER LipoSelection’s ultrasound waves make for a gentler treatment. In contrast to harsher methods, local anesthesia is all that is necessary. With VASER LipoSelection, the body undergoes less physical trauma and is better able to heal itself—thus, making for a speedier and easier recovery.

VASER LipoSelection at Artisan Aesthetics

It looks to be a scorching summer! Make sure you are beach ready. Schedule your personal VASER LipoSelection consultation today.

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