Explaining Your Mommy Makeover to Your Family

Castor, MM - ImageReady to restore their after-baby body, women come to Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Laser Center excited to start their Mommy Makeover journey. While eager to regain their pre-pregnancy physique, some women remain hesitant—questioning how their decision will affect their family. Coming into their consultations with Dr. Castor, many women express their concerns as to what impact this will have on her children.

As a mother, you naturally put the needs of your family before your own. While women’s worries vary—whether it be the necessary recovery time or the financial cost of the surgery—all mothers struggle to put themselves before their loved ones. Being open and letting your family support you is important to your peace of mind and thus, the success of your Mommy Makeover.

How to Tell Your Children

Perhaps the most challenging task, many women find it difficult to explain her decision to her children. Of course, much of your decision is dependent on your child’s age. Younger children may find it scary; while older children may have more questions. Hoping to avoid this altogether, some women opt to start the process of their Mommy Makeover while their children are still young and require no explanation.

More than anything, your “mother’s instinct” can help you decide how and how much to tell your children. Whereas some children are satisfied with a simple explanation, some may require a more in-depth telling. For boys of almost any age, mentioning a “female surgery” is usually enough for them. It is often wise to “test the waters” and, based on their initial reaction, tailor your conversation from there.

Promoting a Healthy Body Image

Mothers with daughters are often afraid that their decision could create a body image complex and make young and teenage girls self-conscious of their own appearance. We encourage you to remember this, confidence is contagious! Once again confident in your skin, you will instill a positive body image. With you feeling good about and in your body, your daughter is more likely to reflect your happiness and self-assurance.

Dr. Castor Helps You, Help Your Family

Dr. Castor understands that a Mommy Makeover is often an overwhelming decision that affects more than just yourself. As a team, we, at Artisan Aesthetics are here for you and promise to support you throughout your Mommy Makeover. Time and time again, our patients express that while initially worried, when all is said and done, they find that they are not only stronger as a woman, but a better wife as well as mothers.

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