Is Xeomin as Effective as BOTOX®?

Xeomin patient in Tampa BayShort of a facelift, nothing beats injectable neuromodulators for softening lines and wrinkles. Xeomin and BOTOX® Cosmetic are popular options that can give you smoother, younger-looking skin. You may be wondering if these injectables are created equal, and Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery and Laser Center has the answer below.

Xeomin vs. BOTOX® Cosmetic

Xeomin and BOTOX® Cosmetic are incredibly similar treatments. They work the same way to relax facial muscles by temporarily blocking nerve signals. You can use them both to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, and other signs of aging.

However, Xeomin goes through a unique purification process that removes the accessory proteins. In other words, it only contains the active ingredient. That’s why it’s often called “naked BOTOX®.”

BOTOX® Cosmetic has a long and successful history. Millions of people have used it to achieve their cosmetic goals since it received aesthetic approval in 2002. Xeomin, while it hasn’t been around as long, works just as well.

Xeomin was proven effective in two large clinical trials. Patients and their physicians noticed a visible improvement after treatment. If you’re thinking about trying Xeomin instead of BOTOX® Cosmetic, rest assured that it’s fully capable of creating the results you want.

Reasons to Choose Xeomin Over BOTOX® Cosmetic

Some patients prefer Xeomin because it’s believed to have a lower risk of allergic reactions. Others want to try something new after experiencing desensitization to BOTOX® Cosmetic. Whatever your motivations, talk to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stan Castor to learn if Xeomin is right for you.

The skill of your provider matters just as much as your choice of product. Dr. Castor has years of experience and personally performs all injections at our practice. You can count on him to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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