Three Benefits of Thigh Lift Surgery

Three Benefits of Thigh Lift Surgery


Many men and women find their thighs bothersome. Whether because of age, substantial weight fluctuation, or simply genetics, poorly proportioned thighs can be both unsightly and uncomfortable. A thigh lift is designed to contour the thighs by removing excess skin from either the inner or outer thighs to reshape the upper leg and improve their overall shape and appearance.

During your thigh lift, Dr. Castor will excise excess skin and tighten underlying tissues. To better enhance your appearance, Dr. Castor may choose to perform liposuction along with your thigh lift to further sculpt the thighs by removing extra fat.

Removes Excess Skin

Without the help of a highly trained plastic surgeon, there is little that can be done to get rid of the excess skin that plagues the thighs of many of our Tampa patients. Even after one has lost weight, their thighs appear heavy and ill-proportioned because of the excess skin that is still present. Along with dramatic weight loss, loose and sagging skin around the thighs is often a result of getting older. As the skin becomes thinner, it loses its elasticity and ability to naturally “snap” back—instead, leaving it to hang loosely from the inner and outer thighs.

Muscle Tightening

Like the skin, muscles become stretched over time. When stretched, the muscles lose their naturally strong definition. During thigh lift surgery, Dr. Castor is able to tighten loose muscles to help improve the overall contour of the thigh.

Reduce Stretch Marks

Both men and women are equally prone to developing stretch marks along their thighs. By tightening and removing excess skin, stretch marks are minimized and can appear softer and more attractive. When necessary, laser skin resurfacing can be used to further diminish the appearance of deep stretch marks.

Dr. Castor Wants to Help You Feel Good About Your Thighs—and Your Body!

Many of Dr. Castor’s patients have been pleased with their newly toned and attractive thighs! With Dr. Castor’s expert help, you too can love your thighs. Please schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Castor to learn more about how thigh lift surgery can benefit you.



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