What Are The Different Types of Liposuction?

For a long time, there was only one type of liposuction. It involved manually dislodging unwanted fat with a hollow tube before suctioning it out of the body. Fortunately, new techniques have emerged in recent years that are less invasive, offer a shorter recovery period, and create amazing results. This means you don’t have to rely on traditional liposuction to achieve your body goals.

At Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we offer three advanced liposuction treatments:

  • SmartLipo®: SmartLipo is a type of minimally-invasive laser lipo. The laser energy used during treatment makes unwanted fat cells easy to remove. This results in far less bruising than traditional liposuction. The warming effect of the laser has an added skin tightening benefit.
  • VASER LipoSelection®: VASERlipo is an ultrasound-assisted liposuction treatment. It uses sound waves to liquefy unwanted fatty deposits for removal. This minimally-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction is powerful enough to treat large areas of the body and precise enough to define small areas.
  • GPS LipoControl: GPS Lipo® is another laser-assisted liposuction device. However, it also incorporates GPS technology for improved precision. The device shows where the laser and cannula are in real-time. It also closely monitors energy levels within the treatment area. These features help create uniform results and prevent over- or under-correction.

These body contouring options can be used almost anywhere you have excess fat. Commonly treated areas include the love handles, jawline, arms, abdomen, and thighs. It is possible to address multiple areas in a single session.

You may be a candidate for one of these services if you’re in good health and your weight is stable. They are particularly beneficial for individuals who can’t achieve a slim figure through diet and exercise alone.

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