The Designer Vagina: Look Good In Your Yoga Pants

A new plastic surgery procedure is on the rise and it’s all about getting the perfect vagina.

Three years ago, if you walked into a yoga class, you were bound to see at least one “camel toe.” However, with the increasing popularity of yoga pants and other tight-fitting workout gear, more women are becoming more aware and self-conscious about what they look like “down there.”

For this reason, thousands of women across the country are signing up for labiaplasty, a procedure intended to reduce the size and enhance the appearance of their private parts. In just one year, the number of “designer vagina” procedures increased by 44%, making labiaplasty the second fastest growing plastic surgery procedure in 2014.

The procedure is performed on the labia, also known as the lips of the vagina. Most labiaplasty surgeries aim to make the labia smaller or correct an asymmetrical aspect of it.

Women’s reasons for labiaplasty vary as much as vaginas themselves. Even though it’s been nicknamed “a facelift for your junk”, many patients undergo labiaplasty for reasons other than aesthetic. Labiaplasty can help women feel less discomfort while wearing clothing that fits tightly in the crotch area. The procedure can also improve sexual satisfaction in the bedroom.

However, before undergoing this vagina enhancement, it’s important to know the qualifications of your doctor. There is a time to cut corners- the state of your vagina is not one of them. Make sure your doctor is a board certified, experienced surgeon. It is very difficult to fix something that’s botched, as opposed to getting it right the first time.

While there are many feminists who disapprove of this surgery, the reality is that for many women, labiaplasty has made all the difference between a life of chronic anxiety and doubt and one of pleasure and confidence. You just have to remember, there are many variations of what is considered normal and it is easy for Hollywood to exploit women’s insecurities. But if there’s something about the way that you look that does not make you feel sexy, don’t be afraid to do something about it.

If you are interested in having a labiaplasty surgery, schedule a free consultation with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stan Castor.

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